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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Indian Chief for sale


This bike is that barn find you’ve been looking for.

The motor and frame numbers are correct matching numbers and untouched. This is an original bike with the exception of the black paint and the front fender (correct 47 item). Also the very cool and rare Stellings handlebars and Beck grips.

She is registered but apart from that we’ve not looked at her. There is some front fender trim missing, rear fender tip, toolbox lid, and no doubt some other small items. Included are the tank emblems, front fender tip, ignition key, and restoration and parts books.

The whole bike will need going through and she'll make a great project.

Offers over £10k if you are interested.




Well we got the welding back from Nick; great job.

Then we put the bike back together again and played around with the exhausts.

Then it was time to go home ... and think about it.

And then on Friday we finished it. 
Front pipe is from an old Paughco set; we cut the end off, flipped it and then shortened it.  The rear is an inverted original knuckle front pipe, lovely bend when you turn it.  Then we added the loudeners and added some mounting brackets. Very Japanese.

Thursday, 21 March 2013


47s both of them.

50E upgrades

The 50E has a new home but Paul the new owner wanted a few upgrades to make her more reliable in the electrical department.  We converted her to 12 volts with a very beautiful Cycle Electrics generator; not cheap but excellent value.

We also installed one of the Quickstart 2000 electronic ignition set-ups and a new coil.  Thats the second one of these kits we've installed in a couple of months now.  Easy to install and easy to start.



We've also converted her back to a tank shift gear change set-up and foot clutch as she would have had when she first left the factory.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Final speedo drive installation

All installed, perfect, no problems, looks great, works well. 

Had it up to 30 mph on the stand, I'll see if we can reach 80 on Madeira Drive!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Welding job

Well bugger.

After bolting all the bits and pieces on prior to starting the wiring, I tightened down the generator strap and ping ... the sound that tells you its just cracked.   How can that be?

Well if you look at the last couple of pictures you can see the dis-colouration of part of the broken material.  That's because its been broken for months, years, who knows?

The clean part is the new break.

So bits off, motor out and off to Nick's to get it welded.

I've had enough of working on these fancy new bikes today. 

Tomorow I'm going to finish putting the speedo on the '13 ready for the Pioneer Run.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Funny how things change.

Just a couple of months ago the build was going to be a knuckle with this frame and forks;

Then it changed overnight to this;

And now she's nearing completion;

Japaneasy getting there.

Saturday morning bits and pieces; it's the only time we can fit it in.  Exhaust headers done, just need to decide on the ends now. Primary, footboard, foot clutch, small parts ...

A few small jobs next week then the wiring, paint and chrome!!!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Guide lights.

Brake light and night light for the Japaneasy.  Change the bulbs to 12 volt, change to cloth covered wiring and a 'new' hand cut gasket!

Guide brand, used on HD in the past.  We made a mounting to go through the lower rear frame lugs.  The last ones we did operated as two tail AND two night lights.  This time its one light for eack function - less wires.

One already fitted, the other showing the wire route and location.

Very simple, very clean look.  Easy to pick up cheap and keeps with the 'era' thing.  Wires will run round the top tube, or one could go up and the other along the lower tube.  Or if you were Paul Jr you could easily hide them. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Computer problems

Rich's mouse isn't working, hence the lack of posts!

Primary installation

We're starting the final assembly now.

Original knuckle inner and outer covers.

Primo Belt drive, big bearing kit. Done.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Parts for sale

Parts for sale.  Handlebars, 12" high, 31" wide, welded to aftermarket inline top clamp.  Grips and external throttle. £50 +pp

Stainless steel Z bars.  5" high, 28" wide, £50 +pp

Hap Jones peanit gas tank. About 1.5 US galls.  15" between mounts, 1.5 - 1.75" tunnel. £100 +pp.

The tank sat on its last bike.

Speedo ring gear

The rear end all done now.  It looks very technical and is pretty to look at.

The original patina fits the bike perfectly.  The next job is to mount the speedometer head and then connect up the flexible drive.

Speedo installation

This is the 1915 (oops) mount for the speedo head that sits on top of the 1913 tank.

The centre strap where the two halves of the 1913 tank overlap was so wide that the indent under the 1915 mount would not fit across it and sit flat. 

I had to mill out the width about 4mm so that it would sit right.  I don't like to machine 100 year old partss but you cant just order up a '13 mount from CCI or V Twin.

Not so easy to see but you get the idea and its not visible when on the bike.

Corbin speedo

I thought I would treat the 9B to a speedometer.  These Corbin items are not easy to find, especially the brass head motorcycle type.  All original, fully refurbished; the only modern part is the composite rear drive which is a consumable part that is often replaced.

Don't think I'll make it up to 80 mph very often.

The centre tank mount is an original part from 1915, it needed a little work.

The rear drive and the composite wheel that meshes with it.

Corbin 1913 patent.

It's that time again

Its time for the London to Brighton Pioneer Run again.  Epsom racecourse down to Brighton seafront for motorcycles made before 31st December 1914.

She should be the oldest Harley there ... and the fastest.

1913 model 9B.  Thirty five cubic inches and five brake horsepower, dubbed the 5-35.
Magneto ignition, single speed, rear coaster brake and the first year of chain drive.

Japanese update

So this is the latest with the Japaneasy.  As before as no work's been done to her, we've been too busy with other things.  The only real difference is the $50 eBay gas tank and the Stellings bars with Beck grips.

The tank is 3.1 US gallons, a good size, but best of all it has that cheesey seventies flame job.

This bike is going to be all old parts with just a few exceptions for the sake of sanity and survival.