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We are everyday regular riders. Our own bikes range from the 'teens' to the 2000's but most of our miles are done on knuckles and pans. Experience includes 10+ years working for the 'motor co' as well as time spent in major US custom shops and all our work is guaranteed.

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Tacoma update 3

New paint.

Pig-tail gear shifter

One of several.    Can you use them too often?

Tacoma update 2

The tanks and rear fender have been painted, wheels and fatter tyres fitted and some re chorming.

May go with one of our pig-tail hand shifters like on the last two builds or maybe retain the original tank shifter that came with the bike.

Rear fender.

Box of shiney (!) parts.

5.00 x 16"

Tacoma update.

I bought this 48 knuckle from a police mechanic in Tacoma Wa about 10 Years ago (right hand '45 case, left hand 48). It was before bobbers were trendy!

Great bike but needs an update.

She'll keep her shape; smaller front wheel, have a pan motor and a re-paint but most all else will remain.

Have some nicer risers, smaller WR seat but you get the idea

Thursday, 12 July 2012

frame resto

Just had a 47 bullneck knuckle frame in need of a bit of tlc. Someone had lopped the hoops off and the frame had been flattened underneath, seatpost was fractured too


Friday, 6 July 2012

Performance brake tuning

To protect the innocent.

A fellow bought his glide in last week complaining that the braking performance wasn't quite up to scratch.  He'd heard that Harley brakes weren't up to much but still asked us to take a look.

The front caliper was also seized ... surprise.

I promise you this is not a set up.

Midget racing.

Dug this out the back of the shop. We've also got a Honda monkey bike in here somewhere.

Thought we might do a little midget racing in the car park.

Seriously though it's a lovely little bike. Some might not call it a Harley but who cares ... make a nice chopper!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Love bike headlight set-up for sale.

We've listed the headlight set up from the Love bike on ebay.  The two lamps are made by Indian and have now been converted to a single lamp with a twin filament bulb set up and a switch at the back. Both lamps and both of the original light units are included as are the mounting bracket.