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We are everyday regular riders. Our own bikes range from the 'teens' to the 2000's but most of our miles are done on knuckles and pans. Experience includes 10+ years working for the 'motor co' as well as time spent in major US custom shops and all our work is guaranteed.

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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sacto shovel frame repairs.

We have the Sacramento shovel for sale on ebay currently.  As the advert says there are two repairs to the frame just on the back section.  This is a common repair on these early swing arm frames and they appear to be well done by whoever did the work but they will want closer inspection before the build is finished. 

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Different eyes.

It's interesting how when you work in a shop all day, you just take for granted a lot of the things around you which others might find of interest.

Guy from GKM was over again last week and took some pictures which show off a few corners of the shop that don't get looked at so often. 

There's an up and coming feature in the magazine sometime (December I think) and I've copied a few of the snaps off his blog.



Friday, 21 September 2012

Sacto - I got your number!

*DA KD 900377*

DA  means FLT from 1982 and 1983 only.

K  means 80 cubic inches displacement (1340cc).

D  means 1983 or
D  means FLHTCU Tour Glide Classic Ultra (depending on which book you read).

900377 is the sequencial number of manufacture.

Sacto Shovel for sale £3995

We've just imported this mostly complete cone shovel, she sits in a '58 swing arm frame but we have so many other things on that we are offering her as a cheap project for a winter build.  She's not registered yet (no mot!) and needs some parts (details below) but will make a nice rider with a bad attitude.

If she doesn't sell as is then we'll get to her later in the winter and offer her finished next spring, fully registered and running but probably un-tarted so the new owner can make his choices.


Unmolested numbers, 80” cone motor, S&S cylinders, S&S Super E carb and cleaner, OE Harley heads, dyna coil, 2” primary belt, 5 gallon fatbobs,

 Frame is 1958 with slight rake and panhead front end with de-raked forks makes her sit just right. 21” and 16” wheels, star hubs, drum brakes front and rear, juice at the back.

 Kick and electric start, 4 speed, rotary top trans, new main shaft and new starter gear.


Oil tank and battery box combo, battery, foot pegs/controls, derby inspection covers, headlamp, fork top nut, grips, oil lines, speedo, kicker, starter clutch mech on kicker, throw out bearing and push rod. Maybe a few other small bits I’ve missed out.

 There have been two small repairs to the rear of the frame but they look ok (we’ll check them).  It’s an easy winter job for someone. 

£3995 for the bike, all import duties are paid.  You could pick up the required parts for £500 on the cheap and you’re rolling.  £1500 would give you a top notch ride in your style. 


Or we could do it for you but not this side of Christmas!


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Still new to the blogging game

Well we always said that this blog would just be about stuff we do in the shop and not what we find elsewhere on the internet but I cant even do that right!!

We started the blog in March but the first bike we finished after that we never posted.

It was a knuckle we bought as a complete bike with wide glide front, tiny tank, long sissy bar, etc so we made some changes and added some different parts.  Came out okay but then got changed about again.

Sold a lot of the parts, still have knuckle motor on floor in corner of the shop.

We shortened the sissy bar, put some balls on the end and its my favourite part of the bike.  We'll probably start a bike with this motor sometime soon.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Tacoma ready for the road.

Final touches were the old rear wheel cover and the Junk Motor seat. Thanks again Tom.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bye bye, baby baby, bye bye.

SOLD to the man with excellent taste.  She's heading south to warmer climes.

Hope you enjoy her Simon.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Gordo's engine part 2

Have bead blasted Gordo's crank cases, heads etc ready for rebuilding. Notice mirror polished flywheels. Its good to see your face when looking in timing plug. Everything will be chemically cleaned. Oilway in cases will be drilled for cleaning etc. Then all bearings  that need replacing will be replaced with new better quality products from jims, s+s. Barrels will be black powder coat and covers will have a more natural finish opposed to polish finish to give it a more industrial look. Heads will have new guides, black diamond valves, velva touch lifters. It is bein built as the ultimate standard engine for longevity.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Another old friend

This Exile Bullfighter i built about 4 years ago for a customer. It has recently been sold to Barry who brought it back to me to check it out and give it a service. For a modern bike it is "tuff" (flick knife/knuckle duster tough). It goes like a demented banshee down to its 2100cc motor and 6speed jims machining gearbox.  Still in superb condition. .