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We are everyday regular riders. Our own bikes range from the 'teens' to the 2000's but most of our miles are done on knuckles and pans. Experience includes 10+ years working for the 'motor co' as well as time spent in major US custom shops and all our work is guaranteed.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Magneto mayhem.

Magnetos. Rich loves them and I don't.
A right pair of Hunts.
One with manual advance, one fixed.
And a Morris fitted to a bike.

Let there be light.

An original Aris headlight.  There are many copies of this famous light. Very popular back in "the day".

This Warbird needs no introduction.  Can you believe they sell for over $1000? The last original one I saw was $1250!
See the J R Components trademark.
Front and rear.
See how the indents extend back into the body.  The copies don't do that.

Air horns

As we're starting a couple of new builds we thought we'd better get some parts out.  I've got to rebuild the Linkert M74B and then choose a cover.
See the brands, Roth, CCE, Goodson.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Frame mod

This was an original Knuckle frame but the tank mounts had been removed and then a replacement added at a later date.  See the poor welding and the splatter.
Clean off the old mount, bit of paint and a small bung.

16 or 18 or 19?

Well, we got the 18" laced for the rear end. But ...

then we just took the 19" off the front and put it on the back (why?) and then we put a 21" on the front. The bike just wants to be a chopper not a cut down.  We dug out the old sissy bar we shortened from the Love bike ... but it's got the look.

Maybe the bars are wrong and the sissy bar is too long or leaning back too far.