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Monday 9 December 2013

Friday 6 December 2013

Next project

1912 twin in the corner waiting for some love.




The rear wheel is doing a support gig.

Bridgeport pump

Found this in the Zodiac catalogue, or was it Custom Chrome?


Spent some time fitting parts to the 1913.  Gas lighting front and rear, very nice Prestolite tank all plumbed in.

Looks ok I think, all era correct and hopefully not too cluttered.

Hope not too much rattles off next time she's out.

Rear rack is slightly wrong, its a 1915 on part with a welded on extension at the bottom.  It shouldn't really be fitted to a fender stay mount but there's no real weight to it.  In 1915 they added a tab to the frame to mount the rack.  You can also see the Fidelity light.

The bike is finished now.  I just have to fit a pump.  I picked up a Bridgeport pump in Oregon last month.  For those who care its the de-luxe Austin model, 19 1/2" long, 4" longer than standard for extra whooosh!!!  Pump needs a new washer inside.


Starting re-assembly

Starting to put the Red 47 together now.  Every part has needed work.  Not taken the motor apart yet though, but have rebuilt the carb, including a new shaft.

If the motor is fine then great, if not out she comes.  Trying to keep the patina AND dirt on this one.

The transmission; correct for 47.  Needed speedo drive gear in the box so everything came out and went through.  Plus the new speedo drive, trap door cover and gasket, seal& nut.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Great looking seat

Just got this seat today. Its from "tt and co" in japan. A great alternative to a bates, superbly made, shape is spot on, not as flat as a bates, contrast stitched, lovely thick hide. It has a leather backed pan also. They do p-pads to match and have a selection of styles


Wednesday 6 November 2013


why is my index finger larger than my forefinger. oh yes, it broken

Time to say goodbye

It finally come to say goodbye to an old friend, but slighlty remodelled version. My knuckle has been sold and is going off to sunnier pastures. George is her new owner and she having a much more japanese look. Bates seat, mid controls, slighlty more racy down and dirty look 

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Also for sale

We also have for sale some parts: 49 panhead engine, condition unknown but turns over no problem £2000, 4speed box early £800, complete original hydra glide fork set up in chrome £750, Panhead paughco frame £600, genuine harley FLSTS complete springer front end in black powder coat with pinstriping down legs £1250, Pair of powdercoated black wheels with stainless spokes softail hubs with brand new avon sm tyres £500. All ideal for your next winter project


For sale, 1961 FLH Panhead duo glide.As can be seen from the pictures this is a very decent pan, not perfect but in great condition. It is registered, taxed 08/14 and mot'd. Its got rebuilt linkert, new points, been serviced and fitted with correct bits that were missing when it came in from the states. The engine has s+s pump with correct uprated worm drive to make pump work more efficiently, it also has jims machining hydrosolids tappet conversion which obviously makes for quieter running motor. Gear selecting is as smooth as they come and brakes are superb, unsual for drums. It has still got 6v charging system. It would make a great restoration bike or just ride the socks of it as is. A great tourer or kings road cruiser. Any more info required just call or come and look for yourself. Price £11,250 ono

Sunday 22 September 2013

Auto jumble delights

Went down see Darren and co at Farm Fresh last week and picked up these parts for the '13 9B.

Nice pair of original lights, Prestolite gas canister and a rack for a 1915.  They never made racks or carriers for Harleys until 14 onward so this one will need some work like the Corbin speedo did.

The 1915 season was the real step forward for Harley, mainly due to the three speed trans and that's the year the accessory side really took off as well. Loads of stuff is available for 15 and later and much of it can be retro-fitted with a little work.

Work starts

We're going through this one head to toe. It will be a strong rider but look real beat up.

Front and rear hubs have been checked and adjusted as needed, new rear brake shoes, all the lower fork bushes, top inner springs, fork bearings.  New seat post bush, handlebars straightened, toolbox strap removed, repaired and replaced. Brake pedal bush remade, clutch rocker repaired and it still looks like nothing has been done. But that's the idea.

Friday 13 September 2013

They're all 47s

They all seem to be 47s these days.

Bullneck frame, offset forks and unusual (for 47) 18" wheels.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

The 47's interior

A few  pictures of the interior in the 47 Ford coupe, all aircraft like