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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Classic Bike feature

The guys from Classic Bike are coming over to the shop to do a feature on older Harleys; how they ride and how they've developed over the years. They want to ride standard (ish) bikes, compare them and then write up an article. Its not an article on the shop.

I guess they'll be interested in the deleopment of the forks from springer through to hydra, the rigid frames up to 57 and then the swing arm of the Duo.  How power developed through the different styles of the overhead valve motor and those kinds of things.

We have the earlier bikes but we haven't got a glide type shovel at the moment so if anyone has a 66 - 84 glide style Harley that they can lend for a test ride please get in tough. We're in Lincoln and CB are in Horncastle so the nearer you are the better. Cheers.  

gordo crank now balanced

Monday, 15 October 2012

Rise against.

Risers.... sorting through the box for the next build.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Brian's panhead.

Brians panhead came in this week for a few small jobs.  She's a lovely pan, very SoCal with a Linkert and a magneto. The sissy bar is as tall as me!

Acid erosion

Acid erosion on the pinion shaft.

Worn front piston

Tired bushes.

Reasons to ride.

If you leave you motor too long without running it then ther is often a chemical reaction at the point of contact. This then causes corrosion (see the black pitting).   So get out and ride.
Also see the burnt Timkens from over-tight fitment.
And wear marks on the crank pin.

Gordo's motor rebuild update 5

Small end; ream and hone to size.
Connecting rods; before and after.

Gordo's motor rebuild update 4

Everthing needs to be weighed accurately in preparation for balancing.

Weight chart.
More polishing to customer specifications.

Gordo's motor rebuild update 3

We've been really busy lately but it's time to start on Gordo's motor.  You may recall from earlier blogs that it needs a lot doing cosmetically but also inside as well.
Rocker shafts before and after.


We'll need specialist tools for a job like this; measuring, honing, reaming, etc.  It takes time but there's only one way to do work like this.
Inserting bushes, with a little help from Jim's.