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We are everyday regular riders. Our own bikes range from the 'teens' to the 2000's but most of our miles are done on knuckles and pans. Experience includes 10+ years working for the 'motor co' as well as time spent in major US custom shops and all our work is guaranteed.

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Wednesday 16 July 2014

S+S knucklehead NOT

I have had a customer come in complaining that his S+S knucklehead seems very under powered. He says that it seems comfortable cruising at about 55mph and that about it. Having taken bike for a ride he was right. Something very wrong. It felt very sluggish and also noticed oil coming out of exhaust ports. Alarm bells start to ring. Checked compression. Very down. Time to investigate further. Took heads off to find guides very sloppy. Hence oil down exhaust. Noticed also rockers seem to be hammering inside of knuckles. This is not usual S+S quality. Apparently engine only got 600 miles on rebuild. Time to look further. Turns out the cases are pan/shovel cases according to S+S. And they were made prior to there knuckle engines. So this has been cobbled together. Time to measure and inspect all parts as it is a bitsa of an engine.Reason for damage to knuckle/rocker combo as you can see in photos. The valves installed have almost over an eigth of an inch more valve stem protrusion. Also wrong style cam. It was fitted with an Evo cam!!!!. It now fitted  with all new kibblewhite black diamond valves, guides collars and keepers. You can buy all of this as one part number. You can use other guides but have to machine them to get correct clearance between collar and guide. I wont need to do any clearancing as rockers already have done this. Now got a bolt in cam from sifton with bit more rumpety rump. Now should cruise more effortlessly at 70/80 mph

Wednesday 30 April 2014

Russ' Exile Hot Rod (finished)

The hotrod is now finished. These Exile bikes are tuff modern bobbers really. They use high end parts and the carefully chosen combination works well. This one has the 2litre engine and goes like the proverbial scalded cat. Its there simplicity and industrial scotch-brite finish that gives them attitude. I've seen a few others where they haven't used all the exile parts and they definately lose something and become very ordinary.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Russ's Exile.
Russ had a beautiful Exile Bullfighter in liquid gloss black. It was absolutely brand new looking even though i built it almost 7 years ago. At the time though i think he always hankered after the Exile hotrod which is pretty much a bullfighter but with high bars, whitewalls and red rims on the balloon tyres. Only other difference, is the bullfighter is gloss, hotrod is satin. So actually the whole thing has got to come apart and re-powdered, painted and anodised. Not 5min job.

Friday 7 March 2014

Don't want to let her go.

Every time I sell a knuckle I say I'll never sell one again.  But then another dead one turns up, we get it back to life and its time for her to go.  

Now this ones for sale and I'm saying the same and close to pulling it.

Monday 3 March 2014

Red 47 is finished and for sale.

1947 FL knucklehead, mostly correct year parts including matching numbers motor, trans, frame and correct speedo.  Has 18" wheels option and a CycleRay lamp (with top number). 
Aftermarket Atlas pipes and the wildest seat

We've been through everything.  Rebuilt the transmission, the Linkert and the speedo; the motor was fine.  The incorrect parts have been replaced and all the bushes, bearings and broken parts have been done.  Think she was probably put aside because of a transmission problem but now she runs great!

Here is a video link showing her running, sorry but you'll have to copy and paste it.


Monday 27 January 2014

Now christmas and new year are well and truly over it is back to grindstone. Have got quite a few projects on the go, so haven't been adding to blog. Will start to add more pictures of these various projects, there will be a couple of more Panheads coming up for sale and some hard to find parts. There will also be some hotrod project for those interested too. A 51 chevy pick up tow truck and all steel 40 willys gasser which is going to be a very much long term project. Ians knuckle is coming along. Rolling chassis is almost complete, and we are going to take a bit of a punt with the engine. The idea being that if it runs, great, if it doesn't then it going to have to come apart. Based on its problem though, the gearbox had a problem and that could of been the reason it was taken off the road in 1st place. Box is now rebuilt and the engine turns over freely . Worth the risk, what is the worse that can happen. Have a very nice wl45 to restore too, which is slightly leftfield for me as it is going to be shiny and chromed not the usual shabby chic, dirty japanese style that i'm so fond of. Anyway keep browsing campers for more updates.

Monday 9 December 2013