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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Panhead Motor Check 1950E

We've got plenty of customer's engine work on at the moment but as were getting ready to sell our next bike we thought we had better go through the motor so the next owner doesn't get any unwanted suprises!
Everything looked okay but when we were inspecting the primary chain we noted an excess of end play on the motor sprocket. B*ll*cks.
Anyway, motor out, take apart, clean, all the usual stuff.  The thing is that someone has recently rebuilt this motor and with some high quality parts, they just didn't measure correctly or in sufficient detail ... which is why we have so much measuring kit to cover dimensions, weights, etc.
Harley cases, races, flywheels, con rods, new +60 pistons, Jims crank pin, sprocket shaft
Assemble the bottom end, measure the end float (movement) check the spec (12 thou) take apart, fit new spacers, reasemble, measure, repeat, etc until it's perfect.
Finished, 12 thou.  Too much is too loose. Too much movement, shake rattle and roll (to bits).
Too little is too tight, when the motor runs, heats up and expands there needs to be sufficient clearance. 

Jims parts and Harley parts; a winning combination.
Matching number 1950 Harley cases.
Remember, anyone can buy the parts and bolt them together and then sell you a 'rebuilt motor'. But have they got £000's of tooling to measure and do the job correctly.
We may sell this bike as is for a customer to modify, or we may do it ourselves, but either way whovever gets it knows it will run.  I'd run this bike for 50 or so miles after we had MOT'd it and it ran great .... but the job still needed doing.

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